Stop this silliness

Change Unchanging

 At the bloom of my age
I lie on the verge of a page

A page that’s not been turned
But has seen the test of time.
Reader, constantly distracted.
Reader, repeating.

A failed blossom,
Inverted metamorphosis.

A leaf that clings, but is not willing,
The tree of giving having died in Summer.

The fountain of youth has been polluted,
Marred forever and never achanging.
Stop this silliness

Writer's Block: Back to the future + update

If you were 12 and could see yourself now, do you think you'd be happy or disappointed, and why?

When I was twelve years old, approximately five and a half years ago, I remember promising myself that by the age of sixteen I would have 'normalized' myself and my character eccentricities, that I would have found myself a boyfriend and that everything would be 'okay'. I can't say that my 12-year-old self would be disappointed in seeing me as I am now; I had different aims, ideas and interests back then. I guess I was still starting to break loose of all the social restrictions that had been imposed on me, like growing in a tight-knit conservative community, having had freshly separated parents, and academic confusion and dilemmas. 
I cannot say that I am fully happy of the person I am now, after all, who is? But at least I am glad that I got rid of all those restricting and suffocating 'moral' ideals that many people on this island still hold on to. 
Finally, I think that my twelve-year-old self would look at my current self and smile at what I have achieved as far as my views on things go and frown at all those sleepless nights due to over-thinking in a mildly neurotic manner, my lack of friends, self-destructive tendencies and the general negative view on things I tend to hold.

Hm. That was a moody and somewhat sad way to break my LJ silence. So yes, tumblr has stolen my soul, and I am truly sorry for it, so here is a brief update on my current life. School goes on and I have found myself lagging somewhat behind and just generally not wanting to work at all, but sleep all day and waste away my life doing so. My post-loving and -crossing also goes on, and if anyone is interested in exchanging letters with me, I'd be more than glad to do so, just drop me a private message on here or wherever you like.   
I have fallen in love with a new British TV show- Being Human. I am sure that some of you may have heard of it. I found both of the series on the internet and watched them in about three days. It is absolutely brilliant, and I encourage everyone to see it, even those who are not particularly interested in shows about the supernatural, since it truly has a real-life significance.

Also, If you're not on tumblr yet, I suggest you jump on the bandwagon, for it is a deliciously sinful site. This is me on tumblr. I warn you, there are quite a number of Morrissey/Being Human/Stephen Fry-related posts.  

Blah Blah

Woah-wee. I am not dead. I have been away for quite a long time. I don't feel like I have the mental might to formulate a whole paragraph, so here are the two highlights of my week in point form:

- Computer had problems, got new Hard Disk installed and a format. Lost all information I had on previous hard disk, bad times!
- Applied to do my Systems Of Knowledge practicum at the National Archives of Malta, for which I am rather excited and surprisingly eager. 
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I finally got a  tumblr account. Hopefully, I will stop using livejournal to post my random thoughts and findings, and use tumblr instead. Now worries, I will definitely not leave this splendid site.

edit; Oh dear. I fear that this will become another addiction of mine.
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Bah, humbug

Happy Holidays and whatnot, but now I must go a bit grumpy and Scrooge-y on you all; yesterday I had a terrible day, despite it being Christmas and all that. I woke up with a horrible migraine headache, which lasted for the whole day despite the futile intake of panadols, hence I had a long boring day indoors.

Today wasn't much better either; spent almost a day reading and taking notes about French and British rule in Malta from textbooks without even writing a word for my essay on said subject.